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Cheapest Ways to Get Unlimited Music

From meditation to investing, there's an app for everything. For listening to music there are so many paid and free options that exist but figuring out the cheapest one is pretty daunting. Streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music are the best way for most people to get their music fix. They offer millions of songs, curated playlists, and smart recommendations that help you find new favorites. But what’s the most affordable way to get your slow jams? We’ll break down your options and help you discover the most affordable ways to get unlimited music.

Best 5 ways to stream music in an affordable manner


Deezer was the first streaming music service in France, and more than a dozen years later, it survives worldwide with a decidedly non-corporate vibe. A free account gives you 30-second previews of tracks in the web browser but plays full tracks (with ads) on mobile devices. Upgrading to Premium unlocks playback in the web browser (and in the Windows progressive web app) and removes the ads.

You can download music from Deezer with Deezloader without spending a single cent. Deezer's special sauce is an algorithmic recommendation feature it calls Deezer Flow, which generates "an infinite mix of favorites and new tracks" based on your feedback. You can choose lossless audio for $20 a month. You can also upload personal MP3 tracks using any web browser, but you're limited to 2000 such tracks.


Spotify is a dominant player in the music streaming industry, rivaled only by Apple Music. One thing that sets it ahead: a free tier, which Apple Music lacks. Like most of the services on this list, Spotify makes you put up with ads, but it has an appealing option where you can play a longer ad to get 30 minutes of uninterrupted listening. The company is famous for its music recommendation engine, and free users can take full advantage of it.

The app learns what kind of music you like as you listen and recommends daily and weekly playlists based on your tastes. Spotify invested heavily in podcasts over the past few years as well, so it can work as a hub for both kinds of audio, and you’ll get access to some exclusive content. If you listen on a computer, you can play individual songs on demand, but the phone app limits you to playlists and stations.

3.Youtube Music

The free version of YouTube Music works a bit differently from the other services on this list. Whether you’re listening in a web browser or on the app, you can stream any song you want. Most other services restrict you to playlists or radio-style stations, at least when you're using their apps as opposed to the website. Users can also upload up to 100,000 of their own audio files to stream from the cloud, a great option if you have a collection of music that you can't find on streaming services.

YouTube Music—as the name might suggest—also integrates a ton of videos from the regular YouTube platform. You can go straight from listening to your favorite Radiohead album to watching a video of the group performing at a music festival. As with almost every other free service, you’ll have to put up with ads.


Another way to stream music in a cheap way is Pandora. Pandora is still very popular, but it's been steadily losing listeners since 2014. The free tier is full of ads. There's a visual ad in the app window, ads periodically interrupt your listening on the curated radio stations, you need to watch ads to skip tracks, and you need to watch ads to search for and play specific songs. Paying $5 a month gets rid of them, except you still have to watch ads to choose your own tracks.

The $10-per-month Premium tier lets you search for songs without ads, but like the other tiers it promises unlimited skips—along with fine print saying that “skips (are) limited by certain licensing restrictions.” The maximum bit rate of 192 Kbps is too low to be worth paying for. It's a bad deal all around


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Bottom Lines

Music is the perfect remedy to calm your mind muscles and if you get it free then the joy is endless. Here you explored the cheapest ways to get your desired music and if you really liked the post then share it with your music lover buddies. If you tried any other way for listening to music in an affordable manner then share your method with us as well.